Sezione di Ricerca Asteroidi

La Sezione di Ricerca Asteroidi dell'Unione Astrofili Italiani has as his purpose:

  • promote the non professional scientific reaserch in astronomic field and his divulgation
  • do indipendentely their own activities, renuion, publishing, subdivision of the cultural and scientifics tasks
  • organize manifestation, corses,, seminars and everything they consider useful at the divulgation of the activities,
  • present at the end of any social year an exausting relation of the job. on the results followed
  • publish at least one article at year, eventually to be published even on another magazine national or international

Join the Asteroid section UAI filling the Obervatory Sheet pdf

3d model of the asteroid 3122 Florenze result of the collaboration of the Sezione Asteroidi UAI published on the Minor Planet Buleting 45-2

Organization of the website:

  • NEWS events, meeting, obervation campains, and news concerning the SdRA
  • FUAP struments for osservation of particular asteroids
  • Publishing the finished jobs of SdRA and published on the scientific magazines, statistics and obesrvative reports
  • Manuals, tutorial and genral information for the study of asteroids

ADES il nuovo formato del MPC

Link usefuls for the ones who belongs to this sector. The italian observators and conctacts

**ADES il nuovo formato del MPC


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Gianni Galli
Salvo Pluchino Responsabile delle Sezioni di Ricerca UAI
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