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MPCL: Critical List Astrometric Program
2016, Foglia S., Galli G.

Date of positions:      2024/01/14
Magnitude limit:        21.0
Elongation from Sun  >= 90.0

Date of MPCOrb:         2024/01/14

          Minor Planet            R.A.  Decl. Elong. Magn.      Arc  Rms   LastObs     Code  U   NOss NOpp   Type
                                  hh.h    dd           V              "    yyymmdd
 168318  1989 DA               14.45  +35   93.3W  17.1 1989-2024  0.61     00000    C803  0    230    5   NEA
 341843  2008 EV5              02.32  +40  111.1E  17.0 2008-2024  0.44     00000    C802  0   1196    5   NEA


By default, ephemerides are referred to MPC 203

Start date for ephemerides: Number of dates to output

Ephemeris interval: Ephemeris units: days hours minutes seconds

Observatory code:

Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

Display motions as: "/sec "/min "/hr /day

Total motion and direction Separate R.A. and Decl. sky motions Separate R.A. and Decl. coordinate motions

Suppress output if sun above local horizon

Suppress output if object below local horizon

Generate perturbed ephemerides for unperturbed orbits

Also display elements for epoch

Format for elements output:

none MPC 1-line MPC 8-line
SkyMap (SkyMap Software) Guide (Project Pluto) MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)
TheSky (Software Bisque)

If you select 8-line MPC format, you may display the residual block for the objects selected:

Show residuals blocks.Show only residual lines containing observations from code .